Hello !
Hello! I heard that you do SEO, can you help us to be number one in Google?
I would love to 😅
Seriously, it's not that simple. Positioning in Google depends on a whole bunch of factors: competition, the size of the site and its health, the market, the technical and content means you have...
Um... it's not clear. What are you actually doing?
I help my clients to improve their organic visibility, mainly on Google, by helping them to think and understand the dynamics around SEO.
How do you do that?
I offer SEO trainings for all levels and thematic workshops on various SEO topics. I want to help teams and individuals to gain SEO maturity around the implementation of new SEO processes and SMART goals. In short, to be realistic and transparent about your capabilities while helping you to improve yourself. 🙂
I do SEO jobs too!
Oh yeah?
Yes! I offer site audits: complete, technical, content, local SEO, migration, internal linking...
Got it!
  How do we contact you if we want to work with you?
I have last question.
What does Oché mean?
Good question! So...